Shipping Business

SASCO (Sakhalin Shipping Company) is one of the biggest Russian shipping companies. SASCO performs two thirds of all Russian domestic sea carriages.

The company’s vessels can transport a wide range of cargoes: containers, general cargoes, equipment, bulk cargoes, timber, and wood products. SASCO operates in the shipping market since 1945. SASCO is responsible for year-round shipments from ports of De-Kastri, Vanino and Sovetskaya Gavan.
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Company fleet:

  • 14 vessels in operation.
  • 3 ferries (passenger transportation, wagons, trucks and passenger vehicles).
  • 6 multipurpose vessels ( transportation of containers, general and bulk goods).
  • 4 container vessels (Zeya, SASKO Avacha, SASKO Aniva, SASKO Hangara).
  • 1 tugboat (Neptune).

SASCO's fleet structure allows:

  • To quickly adapt the fleet to the current market conditions and the varying structure of the cargo flow, maintaining a high level of service.
  • Use vessels for transportation of a wide range of cargoes due to the multi-purpose vessels of different deadweight, draft and loading methods.

  • total vessels

    100,000 tons
  • total fleet
    container capacity

    3,600 TEUs
  • container fleet

    4,800 TEUs

Transportation geography

SASCO has experience in transportation of various cargoes and established routes to destinations:

Container and ferry SASCO line:

Address: 18a, Pobedy Str., Kholmsk, Sakhalin Island, 694620, Russian Federation

Tel: +7 (42433) 66208,