Social Responsibility

Sustainable Development

Long-term successful development of the Group goes along with execution of a range of programs on sustainable development in the operating regions.

The companies of the Group participate in economic and social development of the regions, governed by corporate social responsibility, environmental compliance, with regard to the interests of everyone involved - employees, clients, local authorities and trade unions.

Delo Group team consists of over 2,000 people.

We implement various social and insurance programs, loyalty programs, support additional education and advanced training programs. Delo Group pays special attention to safety, social security and quality of life of its employees.


Companies of the Group are engaged in various charity programs in operating regions (Krasnodar region, Moscow, Far East, St. Petersburg). We want to provide targeted support to make someone’s life slightly better.

We support specialized kindergarten for the challenged children in Novorossiysk with regular donations and annual help. Thanks to financial input of our stevedore companies the kindergarten is provided with modern rehabilitation equipment for the kids with various medical conditions.

We also sponsor children sport organizations such as sailing school “Lider”, where not only do the kids receive navigation and sailing experience but where the love for sports is promoted in general.

Sports Support

Starting from 2015 Delo Group is the official sponsor of the Handball Federation of Russia (HFR) and the President of the Group also heads the HFR.

HFR goal is to restore the prior popularity of handball, to attract children and adults to the sport. Sponsorship helps to systematically conduct events and develop handball in Russia, to enhance players’ skills and to prepare professional handball players among younger generation.

HFR expands international relations; the Federation a diverse experience in organization of international sporting events: championships, congresses and friendly games.